Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blog Hop Party Stamp

My stamp was part of a Blog Hop Party!!!
This is pretty cool for me.
Picture of a Coffee Cup Digital Stamp for Sale

Recently I sold a couple of my stamps through my Etsy Store, which has been a long time coming...
RutabagaPie Designs coloured a Cottage Remnant Coffee Cup stampOne of the women who purchased a couple of my stamps, graciously messaged to say that she had used my stamp in a card for an up and coming HOP....and gave me a sneak peak...
What a delight to see something I created with my pen, turned into something with such warmth and wonderful colour.... I really love how she did the brushes, they look well used.... :)

RutabagaPie Designs coloured a Cottage Remnant Coffee Cup stamp
Please visit A.J. at RutabagaPie Designs and have a peak.

Cottage Remnant

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coffee Cup Stamp

 Coffee Cup Digital Stamp AvailablerBonjour.... Hello...

My Blogging has become as dry as my paint brushes I am ashamed to say.

I am not quiet sure as to why I have not kept up on this, I love doing blogs and painting... I guess this thing called Life has interfered.... LOL... It is all a process and a season I would say.

If it wasn't for the occasional interest I get for this particular stamp, that rekindles my creative mojo, I fear I would allow this all to side line.... so yeah, for the coffee cup....

Cottage Remnant
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Tuesday :)

Well Happy Warm weather Tuesday.... it is Tuesday right.... hahaha

I have been having so much fun with this mixed media.... learning faces is delightfully fun.
I fear I am running out of pretty napkins at an alarming rate.... hehehe.....
Donations excepted here..... :)

This is what i worked on today..... she's kinda fun...
Mixed Media Art

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