Monday, March 17, 2008

Are they not just the cutiest little jugs? My mom and dad came to lunch today bearing goodies. My Aunt Carol was cleaning her cupboards, and these two little fellas came from her. When I was a kid, we would go to Aunt Carol and Uncle Ken's for special dinners. She always served milk in the yellow and white pitcher and I honestly thought that it was the jugs that made the milk so tasty. I really didn't drink milk except when were at their house.
They are friends :-)
It's so exciting....along with the little jugs came these delightful treasures. The little wee cluster of flowers along with the larger basket of flowers came from my Auntie Carols cupboard of treasures.
The little basket of flowers beside my pink tea-cup came right out of her china cabinet..... thanks Auntie Carol, I love them.♥ Pin It

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  1. Mom always served milk from a blue and white pitcher. And now I love to have a little milk pitcher (especially for a little speck of french vanilla latte). Our moms and aunts and neighbor ladies... they made great memories for us, didn't they?! Blessings.. Polly


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