Sunday, March 30, 2008

God's Will

As I stroll around Bloggerville I happen upon such wonderful places. Places that are a delight to the eye as well as the soul.
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As I read through postings and profiles I can't help but feel "out of my league".
Most of the women if not all that I have come across seem to have such purpose in life, such a drive.

Oh, to have such purpose, to know where you are going. I ponder the sentence, "is this God's will for my life"?
I have spent uncountable hours pondering that very sentence. I believe though that I have had it all wrong....

I have had this picture that God had this plan for me, which He does, but I have seen it as one that was written on a piece of paper, and I had to check to see if what I wanted was on the list.

I recently decided it was time to find out what "God's will" was.
I don't believe it is a piece of paper, "Strong's" dictionary of the bible says that "will" is the same as desire.
I believe that,God has a desire for my life, just as I have a desire for my children.

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I believe that,God has set out a set of rules -or principals- for me (us) to follow, just as I do as a mother. He hopes that I can follow His rules, just as I hope my girls do, but if I choose not to follow the rules He still loves me and still wants the best for me, just as I do with my girls. I'm sure that if I in my choice I made the wrong one, He would be sad for me because He knew that there was something so much better, something that would have made my life that much better. But He would be with me, as I walked through my consequences.

I have studied parts of Deuternomoy and have concluded that God really wants us to follow His Command, Statutes and Judgements....why? I think for our own good.
So, is it God's will that I have a blog, that I try to sell my little bookmarks and things on this blog??????

I do not know.
What I do know is;

  • God loves me, and wants me to be happy,
  • He wants me to do things that bring "Glory & Honor" to Him,
  • He wants me to put my trust in Him and not myself.
  • He wants me to focus on His Word,
  • He wants me to be a good witness,
  • He wants be to be a good Ambassador for Him.
  • God wants me to ....Trust in the LORD, and do good;Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. Delight myself in Him, and He will give me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:3&4)
So I think; yes!!!!! I will have a blog. I will try to use the talents and gifts that my Father gave me, to bring Glory and Honor to Him. And if in the meantime I can say or do something to bless someone, perfect. If I manage to sell something, bonus.

If anyone would like to read what I call my "Spiritual Download" on Deuteronomy and "Our Inheritance" feel free to check out my "keep and share" section. Pin It

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