Sunday, March 23, 2008

I am very excited to say that my youngest daugher Victoria Rose, is willing to take violin lessons.
Last Fall she came home and told me that she was "in love"; I was a little shoked, her being only 12. She very quickly put my mind at ease by telling me it was with the violin.
She had been with my parents at music practice and had heard a gentlemen playing the violin. She just loved the sound.

I was so excited!!!!! I of course told my parents, who of course were excited as well; my dad's parents both played violin.

Well, to my surprise, and Victoria Roses they bought her a violin for Christmas. They were going to buy her a pink one, but it was to small.

As many 12 year old do, Victoria Rose decided that perhaps she didn't want to play violin after all. I have gently been trying to encourage her to at least look into it. She has a wonderful ear for music, and has really good beat & rthym.

I am on a mission now. I hope to earn the money required to pay for these lessons.
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