Monday, March 17, 2008

My husband bought me this lovely little china cabinet last year.
The Pink Cinderella dress, he bought me for my birthday last February.
My sister and I have found a little antique shop that is going out of business, and the young fella running the place just loves to get rid of "old stuff". One of my finds is the plate to the bottom left, sitting on the cabinet.

These are some of the dishes that my sister and late brother-in-law bought for me at a flea market in Pickering. The Pink depression jug came from my Auntie Gwen.
Can you notice all the little kittens in the cabinet? My husband and daughters having been buying me one each for the past few Christmas', I just love them. I have four real cats and a dog to go along with them.
The "Dimity Rose" salt and pepper shakers that are on the bottom left have an interesting story.
My parents took me to lunch one day at a lovely little place called "Serendipi-tea", I noticed the set and commented to my mom how I have two of my grandmothers tea-cups of that pattern (which I just loved). Secretly, she went and bought them from the owner and gave them to me last Febrauary for my birthday......I just love birthdays. Pin It

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