Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passover Today- first day

As I woke this morning, my thoughts pondered the memory that today is the First Day of Passover. The first of the Jewish Festivals.
Christ, our Jewish Savior, died during the Passover Festival. Why we remember His death any other time is a mystery to me.
An awesome teacher and friend of mine Joe Amaral has shed much needed light on the fact that Christ was Jewish. He participated in Jewish Festivals, He knew that He would be the One to fulfill the festivals.

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  • the High Priest would select the Passover Lamb from a little town called Bethlehem.
  • after selecting the lamb the High Priest would carry it through the Golden Gate.
  • Jesus was carried in through the Golden Gate (Eastern Gate).
  • Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son on Mount Moriah, but God provided a goat for sacrifice instead. The Lord said He would provide a sacrifice one day.
  • Calvary is part of Mount Moriah.
  • Written over the head of Christ on the cross was "Jesus of Nazareth and King of the Jews"
  • the Hebrew written word is read from right to left.
  • the first letter of the key words read: YHWH which was also know as the "Tetragrammaton"- the accepted use and spelling for the name of God in biblical days.
  • the moment Jesus gave up His spirit, the curtain in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.
  • in biblical and modern times, if a Jewish Father lost his firstborn son he would tear his robe as a sign of grief and mourning.

To sum it all up, as my friend Joe Amaral has written, "we must first remember that Passover was a pilgrim feast-meaning that every Jewish male and his family would be worshippng in Jersusalem

So we know that he Temple would have been overflowing with people and activity. Imagine that as they are worshipping God in the temple, the temple veil-which was protecting and separing them from the Holy of Holies-is torn before their very eyes. The Glory of God is now exposed, they can see into the place where only the High Priest could go. God has just torn His robe because His son has died!

Who is this Son and where is He? They look to the cross and the one who is hanging upon it. They see Jesus who claimed to be the Son of God.

They see Jesus who performed miracle after miracle. they see Jesus who has fulfilled prophecy after prophecy in all he He has done. They see Jesus, the Son of God who hangs upon the cross who has become their Passover Lamb. And as a sign to all those who are present, which is most likely numbering in the tens of thousands, God tears His robe He has just lost His son! Wow!"


All the above information was taken from Joe Amaral's book "First Century Foundations". Joe is an awesome teacher, it would be worth your while to check out their website for more reading material. You may have seen Joe on his television show"First Century Foundations", he is on the Miracle Channel and Vision T.V.

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  1. The information about Passover is interesting. I didn't know that today was the first day of Passover. I did know that Jesus died during the Passover Festival.

    Thank you for providing this information. I enjoyed my visit and thanks also for visiting my flea market friday blog.


  2. Sassafras & LuLuApril 22, 2008 at 9:32 PM

    Thanks for your information. I knew most of it, but some I did not. I think so many forget Jesus was Jewish! I am not Jewish but would like to take part in some of their traditions. The part about a father tearing his robe for his first born son's death is Very interesting, as I suppose that is also what significance the temple curtain being torn also meant...and that we also now have a high priest, Jesus, who has allowed us to go directly to the Father through him...not a priest, etc..Praise God for his blessings.
    I enjoyed my visit!

  3. Sassafras & LuLuApril 22, 2008 at 9:33 PM

    Actually, I had happened here by the Counting your blessings blog and noticed your comment on installing one of her banners. Thought I'd see how you did. Looks nice, hope to do the same some day!


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