Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old World Vintage - Sissy's House

This is my sissy's you can see she is anything but "shabby chic"

She has had a flare for decorating since she was born I'm sure.
Her real knack is in the ability to see something wonderful in an old piece of junk.
She vary rarely pays much for her stuff if anything.

The old pump organ -which she does play- was a gift from her late husband. He loved to delight her.

Now this is a "Shabby Chic" as Michelle goes.....I won't be surprised if she ends up painting the chairs black, just to match everything else. We seldom run into conflict over found treasures due to our definite difference in style.....she's dark, I'm light.....she likes red, I love pink.....she loves bold, I love subtle.... on and on it goes Pin It


  1. cindy,
    thanks for the peek into your sister's know how much fun it is to see other's homes. and her's is lovely!
    my family has been fascinated by houses from way back. one of my favorite reasons for walking my dog is so that i can peek into lighted windows as i walk along the sidewalk. sounds weird, huh? except for the voyeur thing is totally NOT about people, just their houses and stuff. still weird? probably. but fun! and a better motivation for walking than exercise!

  2. cindy,
    what fun to see you sweet sister's house! as Karla said, we just are house addicts. Haven't been too actives on our blogs lately because we are working on, and excited about, our own website. How is yours doing?
    so glad to know you!!!!!
    Love hugs and blessings,


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