Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We are loved

So what is a wife?
That thought was something I was pondering this today.
I believe that a wife is something that is to be treasured. She is to be protected from the harshness of the world. I see her being gently held as her husband cups his hands around her to protect her. She is so dear to his heart that he wants nothing to touch her.

So what is a husband?
I see a husband as someone that is strong. I see him standing with his back to the storm with his wife and children clinging tightly to his waist and safely tucked under his large coat. He bears the storm, stands firm. He will let nothing hurt them.

What are they together?
I see a wife placed so gently in her husbands hands and he is standing directly behind her as she turns to stare into his face with such love and pride. She will defend him to the end.

Together they look at the world placed before them, and together they choose what course their lives will take.

Now I know that we are referred to as "the bride" of Christ; so He then is to be our Husband.
He is our Strong tower.

I can see God loving us and wanting to tell us; so He bends down on one knee to whisper in our ears, "I LOVE YOU",
and we say to Him "how much do you love me"
and He opens His arms wide and says
"this much".

As far as the east is from the west, that is how much I love you.
And what I wouldn't do for you, what I wouldn't do to protect you.

We are truly and undeniably loved, loved by One like no other. Truly treasured.


Funny thing this morning; I was pondering how a wife should be treated by her husband & how a wife should see her husband. I thought that my thoughts were strickly personal, all about me and my life.
As my thoughts began to form I could see images. I could feel a husband holding his wife in his hand. I could sense the pure love he had for her. And I could see the women and her children holding tight to her husband as he stood tall, tall against the storm that was trying to consume them.
The funny thing is, is that suddenly I could see that is was God who was sheltering us with His hands. It was God who loved us so dearly. And it was God that she looked into the face of with such love and pride.
It wasn't about me and my relationship, it was about me and my God. How much He loved me. What He was willing to do to protect me. How He treasured me.
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