Sunday, June 22, 2008

Canada D-eh!!!!! :0)

Yeah Summer is Here!!!!!!....well sorta :0)
Check out the Campers in hiding....Victoria Rose and a couple of school friends decided it was Camping Time.... Due to the Torrential downpour we got they decided to set camp inside the Gazebo.... seasoned campers LOL ............After a night of talking and laughing, our weary campers slept the morning away.
Who needs a morning shower, the pools more fun..... alot colder, but more fun
Momma's Baby Always Momma's Baby

I decided to go and buy Victoria Rose a tent of her own....she advised me that Canadian Tire had "Canada Day" tents on sale..... $27.99 a good deal I thought (and patriotic) for a 3 man tent... of course I had to get a sleeping bag and what would back yard camping be without a lantern...

All set for a summer of backyard fun....

Speaking of Patriotic.....well I was anyway LOL..... I have noticed that the American People are a very Patriotic People..... my hat ( if I wore one) is off to you. I wish Canadians were more Patriotic...we (I think) are to flippid... if I may... about the whole thing..... we spend more time complaining about what is wrong with our country and government then we do being thankful for it... Have we really taken a good look at our Country, the size of it, the number of lakes we have, our resources, our friendly neighbour, I could go on and on.... and perhaps I should, perhaps more of us should.....

As part of our Anthem says..... ♫"God keep our land, glorious and free, Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee"♫......that line makes me cry all the time..... God keep our land.... God has given me this piece of land, He watches over it..... He is keeping it free; free from war, free from disaster, free from dictatorship, free from drought, free from famine..... free.

We have a very wise young woman working on the side of Canadians right now....Faytene Kryskow

Check out one of her video's..awesome
This is what we need to be like Canada.

Well I started talking about one thing and as usual I have ended up somewhere totally different... That's o.k. though, God made me this way :0)

Faytene is absolutely awesome, if you haven't already seen her on the Miracle Channel check her site out....

in Washington D.C.

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  1. That was incredible, sweets! It made me sit up and take notice, but I've always had a love for our friends and neighbors in Canada. What they did for us to hide those Americans years ago was a very heroic deed! I salute you, my friend!!


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