Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Sister does it again.

Can you believe this sofa..... sitting on the side of the road? She was told it was circa late 1800's.

My sister is a magnet, I'm sure of it..... she will find just about anything. So when the question of "can you believe I found this" is asked, I say....yes, I can believe it.

The picture above the sofa was found by her late husband on the side of the road as well. The doll stroller in the corner right was purchased for I think $2.00....

circa 1800's sofa

circa 1800's sofa

This lovely little arm chair was rescued from the side of the road as well. Can you believe it???? Yes I can :0)
antique arm chair

Do you think this girl needs a little shop somewhere to show-off her good finds???? I think so.... I'm sure that even if it was in the middle of the winter and the snow banks were 6 feet high, she would find something put out to the curb....

Looks lovely Michelle, absolutely lovely...... even if it isn't painted white :0)

p.s. Stay tuned to see what Michelle's blog will look like. I will be helping her join the Blogging World, real soon.
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  1. Cindy, thanks for your lovely compliment, sweetpea!!

    I want your sister, honey!!!!! I can't believe it. I wished you lived closer so I could visit and see all that fantastic stuff of yours and your sister's.

    You should see the little "cupcakes" I just this minute finished. CUTE......


  2. Very elegant picutres. I'd love to have high tea in a room like that.


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