Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who Really Matters Here Anyway????

Well I must say at times I can be a very slooooooooooooow learner... silly me!!!!

I have been patiently waiting to find out what my purpose is, why am I here???
I have had many ideas, many thoughts, but I could never really place my finger on, what my purpose on this planet was... after all we all have a purpose, don't we???

Many years ago I had been down to a "Revival Meeting" where Russ Moyer of Eagle World Wide was sharing... I had been to see him a few times before. Anyway he had given me a "Word" from the Lord, and part of what it said was that I had a calling and an anointing on my life to earn, ah ha.... that must be my purpose on the planet...he said I had a radical call, so ah ha.... I must be going to do something outrageous, right??? Days go by, weeks go by, months go by.... and.... nothing...Hmmm I say.

I don't think that he made it up, I know that what he was doing was sharing God's plan, His desire, His will for me.... whether or not I walk the walk that leads me to that place, that's up to me.... I don't think I stayed true to the path that would of lead me to God's desired choice for my life.
So does that mean I have no purpose on this planet, I was beginning to think so.... until... the light came on last week (told ya I was sloooooow at times ).

Here is my purpose on this planet.
Momma's Baby
My job is to raise this dear little girl, to provide the best home I can, to share with her what I can about Jesus.
I have not been doing that very well, I have been so busy looking inward I forgot to look around. She is now almost 13 years old, I do not have alot of time left.
The other morning I woke up with a Travis Tritt song running through my head... the words,
"Turn out the lights the competition's over
The stubborn souls are the losers here tonight.....
.........And this romance goes down to foolish pride
Chalk another heartbreak up to foolish pride"
but instead of "the stubborn souls are the losers here tonight".... I heard "the Children are the losers here tonight".
How sad but true is that statement....the children are the ones that lose, they lose every time. They are a product of passion, but they also becoming products of pride.
How many families, how many children lose because of pride... that song is sadly very accurate.
As parents we say that we would die for our children, that if someone came through the door and said someone had to die today, we say we would say "pick me".... great, awesome sacrifice on our part.................but.... what are we willing to sacrifice so that our children can "live"; to live in a home free from fighting, from yelling, from fear, free from torment, from being invisible, from fear of divorce, from abuse, and from neglect.
Are we willing to give up our right to be right? Does being right mean more then our kids happiness???? I think that is a good question to ask ourselves!
Time is very short..... make the best of it for their sakes.
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  1. It is a sad state of our society today that children are being short changed; whether it's from outright neglect, or simply that we are too busy trying to keep them involved in every activity out there.

    So often, we just assume they will adapt our values, and just 'know' what we know, but they don't if we don't teach them, and demonstrate it to them in our everyday lives.

    My young dd was going on 13 yesterday. Today, she's 24 and no longer under my roof or influence. We do have a good relationship, and she does come to me for advice (then may or may not take it), so that's not a problem, but I can't stress enough how badly I wish I'd spent more time teaching her about God, about her Savior, and the importance of making Him the center of her life.

  2. Cindy...
    You have the HIGHEST of all callings...being mom, parent, comfort, confidant, disciplinarian and on and on...but the rewards will be great!
    I have an only who is 16. This year it REALLY hit me...she got her driver permit and then liscence to drive (freedom!)...finished her sophomore year in high school, hand her heart broken, didn't know what to do...but guess who she turned to...MOM. I know my time is short with how much longer she will reside with us. It grieves my heart...but GOD really spoke to me this year telling me, I LOVE her too...even more than what I have asked...and leave the rest to me. I see it all.

    It has been bittersweet...but I would not give it up for anything in this world. I'd do it all over again...and be as much a part of my daughters life that I can, or she allows...GOD's highest calling...MOM.

    Oh My, so sorry about the preaching..enjoy your daughter...what a special gift I am sure she is to you...

    Blessings Lorena


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