Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's His anyway....

Wow..... Autumn is coming to an end already.... turn around twice and school will be back in.

Well God is continuing to make His presence visible in my life.....
My marriage is what it belongs to God,
My home is what it is.... it too belongs to God,
My children are who they are.... they are also God's.....
...and He is more then capable to take care of it all, He is willing.

So the state of my marriage, I will let God deal with it....
The mold that is growing in my kitchen wall, well I shared with God that it is His house and I will leave that to Him.

Victoria Rose spent the last week with my parents and niece up at Manitoulin Island (beautiful place). While she was away I really felt that I was to do her room... it was a very unattractive room which hadn't been touched since we bought the house.....
After some detective work on my mom's part, we discovered she wanted her room in a white and black theme with a toille feel to it.....
Oh-kee-dough-kee......not my thing but, it wasn't about me..... I think she really just wanted anything that wasn't pink or shabby vintage :0)
I did her room as I felt she would like and did of course throw in a little soft pink here and there.... I used my "Cricut" and cut out stencils for her wall, words like "inspire", "dream"... and some lovely accents.... (she loves it).

While I'm doing her room and spending money that we did not have, I kept thinking, this is crazy.... turn around twice and I will have to be going school shopping, how do I tell her that I had to spent to school money on her room.....
Well don't worry about it, trust God.... right????

Well God most certainly honored my gift to Victoria Rose, as well as her generous heart..... A very special friend of mine showed up with a monetary gift for Victoria, for school shopping....
I wish I had had her reaction on camera..... I think she was about to bust out from her own skin........

Thank You God...... Pin It

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  1. Bless God!
    This was exactly what I needed to read tonight.
    Thank you!


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