Sunday, September 14, 2008

O.K. I Have Something to Say!!!!... again:0)

All right, I have something to say again, Yeah!!!!!

Well at least I think it's exciting LOL.

I have been thinking alot lately of what my outlook on the military is and on what I think our spiritual military is like.

In the natural battle soldiers get captured. Some are sent to p.o.w. camps and some are sent to death camps (as in the Nazi War Camps)

Now if your child was captured, or your friend was taken away by soldiers what would your response be??????

As a fellow soldier I would think it be to plan a rescue......find out where they were taken. Then find out what the defence is like, when the best time for a rescue would be.

Upon rescuing our family or friend what would there condition be?????

They would probably be weak and tired, perhaps they would be physically unable to move. Any number of things are possible.

Would we rescue them and then say;
o.k. I got you out, now you can get yourself home can't you, I have things I need to get to???

In the Spirit how many of our family and friends are in the hands of the enemy????? Those who do not know Christ are in a death camp!!!!!!

What can we do to rescue these people.... NO ONE should ever be left behind!!!!!

Helping someone out of the enemies hand is not going to be a quick, nor do I think it to be simple......

It isn't just a matter of prayer, it's what kind of prayer..... are there areas in that persons life that they have given permission to the enemy, or perhaps there family line has..... why is someone you care about always depressed. No matter how hard you try you can't get them to come to church...

Maybe church has hurt them, maybe they just need to be cared about, to just have someone pray for them, to Discern what God would have them pray ....
or to just simply hear their hurts and to encourage them forward.

NO ONE should ever get left behind.

We are soldiers in a battle of our lives, constant, everyday....
some soldiers are stronger then others,
some have weaker support systems,
some we discover after the battle; have been taken by the enemy.

They are beaten and broken. They need help in getting out, they cannot do it on their own.
Once out, they still need our help..... they are still weak, and now there are shell-shocked....their faith is almost completely shattered.

I was about to leave my dear friend of over 13 years behind.... Why????
Because it was becoming to much work,
I was getting tired of rejection,
I was getting tired of listening to the same old stuff, over and over...... after all,
I was going through my own bunch of crap....
I too needed help, after all.......

Well God sent me help!!!!!

And then He sent me to help!!!!!

I was able to get her out of the camp, by continuing to listen and to encourage, and now I can help her recuperate...... How can I do that???? I can continue to call her and encourage her, and let God do the rest.

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  1. Ohmygosh, that's just what we were talking about in a meeting before church this morning, sweet chick!! I can't believe you're posting this today. I, also, get tired of introducing people to the gospel and them just fluffing it off. But our church had a divine mission to bring others out of the "prison" and into the light. We have hundreds of thousands of converts a year but there are still sooooo many who never heard about Jesus Christ. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Onward....... the Gospel with be heard in every continent, clime, nation and we are the standard bearers! Don't give up, sweetpea, don't give up!

  2. You are an inspirational writer. I also have a friend of 13 years who is constantly depressed and I must say that I haven't pushed hard enough to get her to come to Jesus Christ. I talk about my own faith a lot and she knows what God has done for me, yet she resists. Thank you for that extra push that I needed to keep working with her! Sincerely, Becky


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