Sunday, October 26, 2008

Attention Canadians!!!!!

It's time to PRAY!!!!

In God We Trust Pictures, Images and Photos

In God we trust Pictures, Images and Photos

I really feel that we need to keep the U.S.A. in prayer now more then ever.

Who she votes in DOES affect us.
We do not have a vote, but we do have an obligation ( I think) to hold them up in prayer.
They are our neighour as well as our ally.

I think we need to have our churches pray, our ladies groups pray, our home groups pray..... we will not have a right to be concerned with the outcome, if we have done nothing. Pin It


  1. Thank you for your prayers for our country. It is a very scary time, thinking of how the outcome of this presidential election could affect us for years to come.
    Beth from Texas

  2. You can never know how much I appreciate the prayers, sweet canadian friend! I've been praying for weeks now that we'll get someone in who loves our country and will protect it. You're right about who we elect affecting your freedoms also. Yep, prayer is needed and much appreciated.
    Smooches from another "American"

  3. oh, wow! if we knew then what shape our country would be in now, we'd be praying and praying and praying! cindy, this was prophetic! and we need prayers now for sure as we head into the 2012 elections. it's kind of scary.


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