Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HeHeHe.... :0)

Look what I made for myself...... it's so funny!!!!!
I made myself some socks... I woke up the other morning and thought "I needed some socks" I said to myself, and Victoria Rose "I think I'll knit myself a pair".

Well I had never knit before. I have been crocheting since I was a young girl, but never knit.
According to my mom (who was my helpline for knitting), socks are not an easy thing to knit and I should try something simpler..... but I didn't want something simpler, I wanted some socks.

So here they are you can see they are.... shall I say, "different sizes". LOL
I sock on the right is of course my first one, it's a wee bit longer.

Pork-chop as you can see is trying to hold her laughter in, she's such a good cat. :0)

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