Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here it is.... Creative Corners

As you can see my pink chair is my creative corner, my knitting sits on the floor beside me, as well my yarn bag and my bible info bag sit nicely in behind my chair (in front of the ladder). My sketch books and pencils sit on (or in) my white end table. My bible is buried under my papers... As you can also see, I am NEVER alone :0)

My dinning room table is my painting easel.... I could pretend that I was in sun room.....

As you can also see, my house is very very've seen the whole room, that's it, both sides..LOL

This I hate to admit is my hallway..... since I do not have an accessible basement... (husband has claim to all of it).... I must use my hallway for storage.
Ouch! that's hard to look at......
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  1. I have never seen a small house look so beautiful and homey, sweetpea! Truly it is. I can just feel your love for it showing through. I believe the animals feel the same way! :-) ;-)

  2. Oh,I love your rooms. So pretty,pink and full of plants and life. I would share my sun rooms with you if you wanted to bring all of your goodies to my house. The only problem is it's a bit warm in there in the summer but we could paint away the day. I promise you would fit right in with my zoo. We have a daugher,4 kitties,1 parrot and a dog. My dear husband would probably never notice a few more faces in the crowd,LOL.

    Merry Christmas,


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