Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day!!!

Well today is "Family Day".....crazy.

(I never watched this show, so I hope it was a good value show :0)
I'm not really sure why our government thought we needed another statutory holiday, but they did.

Family Day, I guess we are supposed to spend the day with our family, seems reasonable I guess.

Personally I think it not necessary...isn't that why we have WEEKENDS.
What about all those folks who have to work in the stores or at the ski hills or restaurants, how do they spend their family day.....servicing all of those spending family day....
Crazy I say, Crazy.

If they really want to promote Families Spending the Day together, then lets go back to the day when Stores were closed on Sunday's so that families could be together.....

Ah crazy I say Crazzzzy.

So Happy Family Day......EH!!!!
.... we are gathering at my parents for a afternoon winter bonfire....Brrrrrr ;0)
~*side note*~
What about those poor folk with no family and no one to love them, can they feel any lower. First Valentine's Day to remind them they are alone, and then two day later Family Day...a real reminder that you are alone and no one cares....... those poor folk most certainly need to know the L♥VE ♥f the Savi♥ur.....we should remember to pray for them......(I am the worst at remembering things like bad)
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  1. Good reminder. We just entertained some Albertan Family Dayers. We dont have such a holiday here in BC. ;)

  2. Family Day? Silly, why don't they act like they care about the family before making a holiday for them. You are right on about Sunday's too - those were the days.


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