Sunday, February 15, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing ;0)

I just completed a quiz that said I was a "Daisy"....
basket of glitter pink roses Pictures, Images and Photos
But I want to be a rose, and if not a rose why not a peony, or perhaps a hydrangea.....
Not a daisy... not that daisy aren't delightful.... it's just that " I LOVE ROSES", sheesh.

O.K.....I'm being silly....honest but silly.

Have you ever completed one of those quiz's? I'm sure we all have....
but has anyone tried to cheat them????
I HAVE!!!!, I'll admit it....

I took the "disney princess" one and very quickly discovered the answers that where for Cinderella and not Snow White.... I like Cinderella, not Snow White (she annoys me, I know I know).
cinderella Pictures, Images and Photos
I took the "Friends" quiz and again quickly discovered the answers for anyone other then Monica or Ross....they both drive me nuts....

So.... what can I say....a wee bit nuts am I! Ah, I think so.... LOL

So I am a daisy, oh well.
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  1. But I'm sure your daisy center has pinkkkkkkk and not yellow, chick....Hah

  2. You crack me up *laughs*

    I'm going to take this test and see what I am hehe goodness only knows but it looks like fun :)

    When I see a daisy it makes me smile it's a flower that just makes the day brighter and to me it is soooo cottage, it's delicate and feminine. I also love that its face looks to heaven.

    Golly I do ramble on don't I...hehe

    Have a super day


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