Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Will it ever end?

Snow Snow Snow!!!!!
Will it ever stop???? Enough already.
My daughter, Victoria Rose was convinced that the information she received from "someones mom" was correct.... the information being that as of February 1st. there was to be NO MORE SNOW..... that's what she was told :0)

Oh if only we could control the weather.....well actually it is probably a good thing God does it, or we (I) would have ruined the planet by now..... it would only snow once a year, and rain might be something that happens once every couple of months......Can you say "desert"
Darn.... just one more thing that I shouldn't be controlling LOL... God is good.
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  1. I was just reading somewhere today a that when the weather inconveniences us, we need to remember that it is God who controls the weather, so there is a reason for the "inconvenience." Thought that was a neat perspective, especially considering our weird winter. :)

  2. Will it ever end? I am seriously starting to doubt it. They say it will be 48 here on Saturday. I'll be hard pressed not to run down the street in a bikini screaming for joy.


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