Friday, April 3, 2009

No more prescriptions

I have been thinking lately (shocker) about church, prayers, healing and such.
Week after week people ask for prayer for certain people or certain physical problems (usually same people, same prayer).
Now our church seems to operate a wee bit different then others I have been to; we have a coffee break in the middle....I used to feel it was good, but now.... not so much.
Just before our "coffee break" we have testimony and prayer time, so we regularly hear the progress of those around us.

Well here is my thought.....
Say there was this guy who had terrible stomach pains, he has had them for several days now. Finally by the convensing of others he goes to a doctor.
He sits down in the office, has a brief chance to explain his symptoms and is then prescribed ocycet (spelling optional LOL).
He leaves the office thinking, what the is that going to help.....they are only going to deal with the pain perhaps.
That doctor didn't do any tests, didn't even feel his stomach didn't even lay a hand on him.... how would he know what was wrong with him.

That is kind of how I feel that prayer within the body has become.(please do not hear me saying that we should not pray for people, or that if you can't ask questions you should pray..... I'm just saying I have a thought...o.k.)

This fella was having severe stomach pains because he was so constipated. He did not heed the advice of others and watch his dairy intake, he thought they were silly.... after all they were not doctors.
So he is prescribed something that in fact would only add to his pain.... it would have an illusion of relief but ocycet would only further his constipation.

We need ( I believe) to be asking more questions, finding out what has gone on in someones history.... is there a reason for this on-going problem.

I know of a man who is his teens, rebelled....followed the life of alcohol, and it caused him the use of his legs.... because of his actions he was involved in an accident that left him seriously crippled.
He has requested prayer, his wife has requested prayer.... and hardly a, what's up. One person in particular has prayed for him and has both times told the enemy to leave him, he has no rights to him..... and I thought, maybe he does....maybe in his youthful rebellion he made choices that opened some doors giving the enemy rights.... (I did go and share this with the man....who received it well I believe....I shared that I thought he needed to -with Holy Spirit's guidance- find out what doors were opened and close them shut, sealing them in the blood of Jesus)....I'm not sure if he has done that or not.

I know of two other people (Christians) who were suffering with bad backs, both at the same again one of them requested prayer.... a prescription prayer was prayed, and dawned on me that these to people had something in common..... they were both guilty of not standing up for something, they did not use their back-bones and say hey, I think this is wrong and I am not participating in it.....So I shared with them as well my thought that they needed to ask the Father's forgiveness for not using their back-bones, and to ask God to bring healing and restoration into those parts of their lives.... which they both did..... I think there backs are better.

Why did I share all this with you today..... I don't know, perhaps simply because I was thinking of it again this morning, and I wanted to share. Pin It


  1. That was truly a very interesting post for me, honey. I'm always thinking about my spiritually and what I may be doing "not quite right" to receive more knowledge and enlightenment. I'll ponder this today.......

  2. Good thoughts!

    Een when we are unaware of breaking God's laws, there are consequences - sin anchors that lodge in our souls. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to show us these and pray against them - with the authority we have in Jesus.

  3. Hi Lovely, you have really given me some food for thought and it sounds to me like your allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you to speak with these people.
    Keep seeking His guidance :)
    Hugs Melly:)


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