Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Fall off the Planet

Oh my goodness, it feels like it has been at least 100 years since I sat down with my computer.
Well life has been very interesting for me, very busy.
I have moved home, purged several van loads of "stuff" (teacups, dishes, flowers, vintage pots...etc. etc. etc...) all of it went to the youth group garage sale.....yeah, good cause.

Yesterday I got rid of my two gold chairs.... those I had slight pangs of regret, but only fleeting pangs..... they where in need of recovery (aren't we all LOL) and would have to spend months if not years in storage -my house does not have room for excess anymore.
So I opted to bless someone with my chairs...gulp!!!! I'm sure I will be better off without them.
I kept things that had meaning or a is too short to hang on to things "just because".

Well, my backside is yelling at me to "Get Up" I shall oblige and make myself some tea.

Be Blessed my friends,

I hope to be checking back more regularly.... :0) Pin It

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  1. It's nice to see you about. I hope you feel lighter about your purging. I've only regretted a few things that I've chucked, and they were practical things that were easy to replace.


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