Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello Autumn :0)

Oh my goodness.... I have not posting anything in so long.

I am "strangely" looking forward to Autumn. It's time to put the start thinking about hibernation once again.....
For years I thought I only loved Summer, but as I "mature" I realize I need the other seasons.
Autumn is the season for winding things down, to do preserves, to start thinking of indoor projects..... time to get ready for the next season..... WINTER.

Winter is one of my LEAST favorite seasons, although I do appreciate the feeling of things going dormant for a while.... time for just the basics.... a time for REST.
I love a good snow storm (when all family members are safe off the road of course).

Spring is a time for renewal, for coming alive..... to peak ones head out after a long, long, long snowy winter.... time to put the necessary but inconvenient boots, coats, hats and mitts away once again.....Time to stir up the creative juices, that have been gently stirring.

Summer, well summer needs no explanation..... time to just be! Pin It


  1. I lovelovelove each season as it turns, and I'm always ready for the next one to start! My cycles of life (with kids, school etc) match perfectly right now, and for that I'm thankful.

  2. Yes, I think we need to appreciate each season, but I would have to say I love spring the most..all the butterfly's, flowers, sun and even temperatures..most of the it!


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