Sunday, March 14, 2010

Helllllllo from the Great and (not so white) North.

Oh My Goodness!!!!

Whew, where have I been..... it really seems a life time ago that I even entered the Blog world.

God has just really been plotting out my recent journey..... it feels as though I have been on a crash tour... LOL
I have been down so many new avenue's that I cannot begin to name..... all terrific avenues though.

I feel as though my eyes have been opened to so many new things, new outlooks, new views....although..... alot of people I know don't always agree, but that's o.k.... because God told me that I was going to have thinking, that was out there, it's all about HIM!!!!!

As for my home life, welll..... again..... an interesting journey of new ideas..... things are well here.
God has never left me nor has He ever abandoned me, His grip on my just keeps getting tighter.

Perhaps, if you will so let me, I will elaborate someday on the wonderful things He has shown me. How simple things are supposed to be.....

Well ladies, BE TRULY BLESSED.

It's time to get back to cleaning..... hubby has bought me a new and functional desk.... one that is great for computing and crafting.....
I had a bit of a brain rebellion..... it over powered my creative side, once again.... but creativity cannot be kept quiet for long.

Long life the creative juices, may they forever pump threw our veins. Pin It

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  1. Okay, ya got my curiosity, sugar, so where have you been and what's been happening?! I hope you and your family are well. I wondered why you hadn't posted for so long, chick.


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