Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Watched the Olympics???

Personally I was NOT crazy with the idea of having to watch the darn Olympics every night. But hubby is a sports FREAK and to not watch them on the 52 inch would just of been mean.

So, the big night came and we watched the opening ceremonies, I cried and cried.... crazy I know.
I was so proud of my country, it was funny..... I watched a bit of the opening ceremonies via an American channel...... that's what got me crying, to hear the wonderful things the States was saying about my Canada....

I think it SADLY funny that our own Prime Minister had to tell us to cheer for our athletes and that we would apologize for it later.....
Well we have, I think become so much MORE PATRIOTIC then ever before.....

So thank you Olympics for making us quiet Canadians stand up and cheer....

Woo hoo.....

p.s.... It's o.k. I know the closing ceremonies where not very good.... although I loved how we starting off making light of the disaster of the opening torch lighting ceremony......♥ Pin It

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  1. But Canadians are also Americans...just to the north of us is all. I don't have a television so we didn't watch SOOOO I don't understand what you are talking about. What happened, chick?! Personally, the Canadians have a soft spot in my heart for hiding our American Embassy staff in their embassy in the middle east many years ago. I cheered them on when I found out.



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