Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Buzz of Summer.....early

Well I think summer has arrived.... I am so glad it has decided to come early.... Yeah!!!!!

Recently I have decided that it was time to "purge". I took van loads of lovely wonderful and beautiful things to the youth garage sale (actually that was last summer).
I want to have things about my (our) home that have meaning, well at least more meaning then I just found it and it's adorable (my) our home was WAY too full of that stuff.

So I have noticed that my walls are becoming rather bear.....soooooo I thought, why not take and use my own photo or pictures.
On that note;
the other day my plum tree was buzzing with what I believe, honey bees... Yeah!!! I was so excited, seeing as how they are on the decrease :0(..... anyway I took some photos of my lovely blooming plum tree and some very busy honey bees..... unfortunately I keep forgetting to get them out of my darn camera.....

Well I hope all the buzzing at your home is great as well ♥ Pin It

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