Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy or What????

O.K. sooooo, yesterday hubby and I are invited to dinner with his co-worker. We are to meet in Base Borden....a military base.... Yeah!!!! I was so excited, I love the military, I love the honor and loyalty there is....
So anyway, I'm excited to see some of our men and women in uniform.... would you believe I saw not a one.... zero.... zip..... didn't they know I was coming.... hello!!!! LOL
Seriously, I was a little disappointed, but what I did see last night, totally shocked me....totally.....

I saw, a freakin' blizzard..... in May, a snow storm.... one minute the sky and road was clear, and the next the road was just gone....crazy I tell ya, crazy...
We arrived home safe and sound.

Well today is Mother's Day.... hubby had to work.... youngest is of to church with her friend and my oldest is taking me out for lunch.... life is good......

Even if it snows it May.... :0)

Be Blessed ya'll..... Pin It

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  1. Oh my, I think I would have cried. I remember around here two years ago it snowed on April 11th, I was traumatized.
    Thanks for your comment on Sanitiy Keepers!


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