Saturday, May 22, 2010

P.M.S. and junk food

Why must P.M.S. suck all the creativity out of a person.... I mean "seriously", is it not bad enough that world seems to be full of idiots the same time I have P.M.S..... but to lose creativity, its just not fair.... How can one function.....

One day I hope the insanity will end.... but alas I hear, only to gain facial hair and hot flashes, does that seem fair??? I think not....

Well ladies, here's to ya..... a pot full of tea and a fist full of cookies..... and where the heck is all the chocolate...LOL

But seriously, I would not give up the insanity in exchange for being a man.... no thank you....I'll take Estrogen, p.m.s....future hot flashes, all of it.... just to be a mom....

be blessed this Victoria/Memorial Day Long weekend.
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  1. It truly isn't that bad, sugar! Just go with the flow and relax. I got through it and menopause was a breeze also. Just ask th' hubs!! LOL I took absolutely no hormones or replacement therapy and don't regret it for a minute.

    HOWEVER, chocolate is the key to getting through it. ;-)



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