Thursday, June 24, 2010

**Earth Quake and Tornado**in one day

The Marytrs ShrineAerial View of Midland OntarioMidlands Downtown a few years ago, look at the old square cars :0)

I would never of thought!!!!

First there was felt the effects of an earthquake that hit Ottawa this afternoon, apparently my neighbours felt furniture shake and had Nick-knacks slide off shelves. I was driving home from ladies group and didn't feel a thing.

Then sometime between 6-7:00p.m. an apparent (environment Canada is here today to determine) TORNADO ripped through Midland. Thank goodness that it hit a mostly industrial area...Smith's Trailer Park was in the path and reports have it that at least 40 trailers are totalled.... one picture had them all smashed into one another like fallen domino's.

There are reports that 10 people are injured and have been treated, and thank goodness that as far as I know there are NO fatalities.

This kind of weather mayhem just doesn't happen around here, it was (is) very freaky.

Of course my mind started questioning WHY???? What the heck has changed in the atmosphere (spiritual)...then DING!!!!

We are hosting the G8 and the G20 this week.... delegates started arriving YESTERDAY (same day). Maybe there is a connection, maybe not...

Well our Major has issued a "State of Emergency", a large section of town is without power do to so many fallen lines.

My family and I have power, and I have to remind myself that just 6 minutes the other way, the town is upside down....
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  1. Welcome to the world of California, sweetpea! LOL That's why we moved out of there in 1991, so many earthquakes. We survived the Oakland one and then decided it was time to go.


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