Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rescue Ranger Cassidy

Well Hubby won't be to happy with me today.... I had to put this "oh-so-attractive" (NOT) line across our pool this afternoon... The next picture will tell you why.. :0(
I found this poor wee fella frantically paddling in the pool, I think he was on this last stroke when I fished him out. He rested his little chin on the side of the net and just closed his eyes..
Cassidy came running out, took him carefully off the net and wrapped him in her shirt. He sat oh so still for a very long time.... we let him down once, but he could hardly walk, so she scooped him back up and sat quietly in the sun with him. This is him after some TLC.
He is the third one I have had to fish out of the pool in the last week, but he was the only one that was still alive..... stupid pool.
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