Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Boy!

This is my boy Franklin.
He just absolutely loves to be where ever I am, even if that means in the middle or beginning of a project.
It is next to impossible to keep his fur out of my paints, paint brushes and even my water basin....but it is a nuisance I am willing to have, in order to have him with me.

He usually sleeps on an older dresser I have in here with sewing stuff in it, but every so often he has to get up.... stretch.....and saunter across my desk to check out what I am working on.  
Before he settles back down for another nap, he must walk in front of me and rub my chin.....

What can I say,
Look at the sweet little fella

Ignore the table, it was a road side reject
 that should of stayed roadside.

Here is My Franklin with My Girl Buddy!!!
He's My Boy!!!♥♥♥
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  1. I just have to say how handsome Franklin is! I have a thang for sweet orange/white kitties...miss my Punkin, who we lost last year. I still have two sweeties to snuggle with and love them dearly!....your Buddy is adorable too!

    Gotta chuckle too, Cuz I also have hair in all of my projects

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. @rosechicfriendsThanks Lorena....Life wouldn't be the same without them.
    We had our Thanksgiving in October, but I wouldn't mind some more Pumpkin Pie....Have a happy Thanksgiving :0)


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