Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two Tea or Not Two Tea

Who doesn't love a great cup of Tea
I went  to the local "Bulk Barn" to get my "Seasonal Tea".... made by Celestial Seasonings. Candy Cane Land and Gingerbread Tea are my favorite, but they are only sold at Christmas Time, hence the "Seasonal Tea"..... 
I discovered this yummy wonderful delicious goodness in a box last year... I could not believe my taste buds....It is sooooo yummy, and the Candy Cane Lane Tea is a Green Tea and has zero, I repeat zero Caffeine.... a nice bedtime tea and it is also Gluten Free.
Once I had the Holiday Tea in the house, it was definitely time to start the decorating. I began in the kitchen only to realize, I do not have enough decorations.
Supporting the local dollar store is not where I want my money to go, so I guess I have to come up with some decorations of my own.....I wonder what to create???
Anyone have any "Green" Ideas for Christmas Decorations?????

My Boy Franklin
Franklin thinks that I have put the Red Plaid cloth there just for him, he almost immediatly jumped up, layed down as if to say.... "Umm, this is my spot"....He's my boy, so of course it's his spot. Pin It

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