Friday, November 18, 2011

Let the Plowing Begin!!!

What an awesome sight out of my studio window last night.
Winter has decided to make another entrance this month, and a very loud entrance this time.

I was looking out my studio window while I finished up my order of 50 handmade Christmas Tags for a local business The Banana Basket, and I could see the snow whisping its way across the roof tops.

I felt like I was looking out at the base of a mountain, and those of you who live at the base of a mountain, I'm sure you're giggling to yourself now....LOL

As much as I despise the cold, the slippery walkways and slick roads, the 4 foot drifts at the end of the driveway and the nuisance of piling on all that winter gear...... I do think Winter is pretty.
With its sparkle, its fresh fallen snow in the morning covering a multitude of sins, and with the power in the wind that gives goose bumps and not from the cold.

Ah Winter is here once again for another season!!!!

I just heard the first plow of the season go up the street...{{{brrrrr}}}

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