Saturday, November 5, 2011

A new Day arises

What do you do when, after 30 years of dedicated service and loyalty to ungrateful and stress infused company.....your husband calls to say; "Come pick me up, my job in management has been terminated".......You


An opportunity lies before us.....Endless possibilities of which direction to go.
We know that God has better for much better, we wait with excitement and anticipation for the next journey.
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  1. Hey there! 'Congratulations' on your husband's unemployment!
    Actually, I totally get that. My Husband just out and quit his soul-killing job two years ago and went back to school so he could pursue ministry which is something God had placed on his heart since he was a teen. He still has a year and a half to go and is currently working another 'just a job' kind of deal, but having that promised direction has allowed him to grow more in the last two years than any in the sixteen years I've known him.

    I know God's got you covered and I'm excited for the possibilities for your husband!!


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