Monday, December 26, 2011

Its a Wrap!!!

Now that the gifts have been delivered and unwrapped, I can share some of what I was working on the past week or so.....
My Printer was working overtime (I think it's on strike).... I made Calendars for the women in my family...8 in total, plus a ton of rejects....LOL . My $70.00 four year old Canon sure came through for me.

My July picture is of me and my younger (by 14 months) sister.....I watched the movie "White Christmas" just before I painted this if you know the movie, the words "Sisters ♥ Sisters" has a little tune to it...:0)

One of my gifts this year was a new "India Ink" sketch pen and a new paint Palette... I'm very anxious to use them....I was using a square ceramic tile for my colour mixing, now I get to pretend I'm one of the famous people like "Susan Branch", Marjolein Bastin"...a couple of my favorites.

Well Stay safe and Happy for the rest of the Year....LOL

Cindy♥ Pin It

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