Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joan Baez - Banks Of The Ohio

I found this song this morning....... and why did I look for it you ask?

Well while most children fell asleep listening to the sounds of "Rock-a-bye-Baby" my younger sister and I ( we would of been 2 and 3 ) gently fell asleep to the sound of my mothers voice singing "Banks of the Ohio" while rocking in the creaky rocking chair.
It wasn't until several years ago (well maybe 10 years) did my sister, mother and myself even clue into what she was singing.
We just all loved the music.....we didn't even pay attention to the words.

How often do we sing, or say things without even realizing what we are saying....

Now thank goodness neither my sister or myself have been emotionally scared for life......LOL we have adjusted quite well....

 On a♫ Cheerier Note♫..... here is Joan singing The Cherry Tree Carol

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