Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Look what I got yesterday!!!
I was so Blessed....

My friend Susie knew how sad I was that I have given most of my pretties away, and so she thought she would "get me started" back with collecting.
She went through her house ( you have to see her house, it's amazing) and picked out some pieces for me.
I believe this particular pattern is called "Windsor".

What a wonderful surprise.
Susie and Sarah are Aunt and niece combo that meet everyday, rain or shine to have coffee at the local restaurant where I used to work.  When I was no longer working there Susie asked me to join them in the mornings at 10:00 for coffee  Tea....I don't drink coffee :0)

God blessed me with these two wonderful women when I was going through a difficult time last year, and they have remained good friends.

Susie informs me that her and I are going to go "garage sale-ing" and "antiquing" this summer....yeah!!! Pin It


  1. oh my goodness, have i got some photos for you. i see you also follow susan branch. i went thrifting a couple of weeks ago and found some of the most wonderful pink glass creamers and such to put tealights in. i love your illustrations/art work. i too am a painter...not as much as i would like. there is this thing called my job that gets in the way...tee hee. i am planning on getting more painting in though after the holidays.thanks for your visit to my blog in november.

  2. @simplybysandi
    Thanks Sandi... :0)
    I popped over to see your photo's but alas, they were not there....LOL
    I did notice your palette of wonder though....I love the look of a used palette....weird, I like to see some of your work as well....
    Have a great Christmas....


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