Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Family....small in numbers but mighty in strength.

Short one nephew and one step-niece, this is my family (my little photographer Victoria is not visible for obvious reasons....LOL).
What we lack in numbers, we certainly make up in love and loyalty. 
We most certainly can make enough noise laughing and carrying on that you would think there was three times the amount of people gathered in one place♥
The whole family, minus one nephew.
Well Christmas has now come and gone.
The gifts have all been delivered, the treasures put safely away, time to now sit back and enjoy the rest of the year.

My little photographer gets her pic taken.

After 49 Christmas' they're still visibly in love♥
At the end of every occasion, of every trial and tribulation that comes our way....they are ALWAYS together.
6 Hours later ,in hospital with Gal Stones .
Not the best way to spend Christmas!

We have our own Santa♥
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