Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Besides my two wonderful girls, these three are three of my favorite people♥♥♥

Having completed all 8 of my Christmas Calendars with 3 days to spare, time allowed me the pleasure of creating these three images for my nephews and my niece....a.k.a....their mother (my sister♥)

Funny story about these;
I first sketched their outline and then went to fill in their I admit, I am definitely not a "Rembrandt" or a "Micheal Angelo" but I can sketch features of a face.
Anyway.....I had to leave their faces blank as I do with my Clara K Bella....I feel that it is because the minute I put features on them it defines them....and we are not defined by our faces, we are defined by;

  • our character, 
  • our compassion for others,
  • our ability to love and to forgive.
  • our sense of honor and loyalty
  • our sense of right from wrong
Not by what we look like!!!

Oldest Nephew Cameron♥

Niece Lilly (Elizabeth)♥

Nephew Noah♥

On each print I wrote:
"Where ever life's journey takes you remember this;
That you are deeply loved and cherished".

Love Auntie Cindy♥

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