Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Clara K Bella
This summer for my sisters birthday I created her a card (as usual)
the difference was I decided to try and sketch her a card, rather then the usual "stamping"....
I came up with this, well not this exactly...she has the original, but it did start the creative juices flowing once again.
Clara K Bella was a song my sister would sing when we where young.... "Clara K Bella with her umbrella went for a walk in the didn't rain nearly a drop but Clara K Bella had fun"...
We have no idea where the song came from, have never heard it since...:0) So I think I can safely use her name....LOL

Clara K Bella has started off being a rather primitive rendering, but she is developing into something with a little more ummmm....substance.
Although my parents REALLY like the primitive version for some reason....:0)

Clara K Bella at her finest ♥

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