Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scrumptiously Yummy♥

I went to our local "Frosty Frolics Festive" today....brrrrr...chilly day.
And while the crazy locals where playing "Snow Baseball" I was in the Community Centre checking out the over 40 vendors at the Artisan and Craft Sale.
Although it consisted mostly of knitted place mats and dish cloths, I did find a diamond in the ruff.
A woman and her daughter were selling handmade soy candles.
Where is  the diamond you ask???
Well take a look at just a couple of the scrumptious items I brought home.

Black Cherry and Chocolate Scented Heart

Can you believe these are not real Shortbread?

A Birthday Cake I can keep all year long♥
 Joannie Petroff is a local girl (woman) in Victoria Harbour hometown♥.  
Her husbands family have owned the local garage for 88 years.
Joannie has just recently discovered her talent for Candle Making...yeah!!! You can check out her Etsy site at The Pebble Tree
♫Happy Birthday To me♫

You should smell the inside of my China Cabinet....yummy♥

Wanna Bite?

P.S. Mom and Dad had a table set up at the sale, while dad played his keyboard from the stage.

**I thought I would throw in a couple pics of my long journey back to pretty...
It is a long sad process.... remembering all the wonderful treasures I have given away...all the family heirlooms that I dis-owned.....oh the guilt is over whelming sometimes.
But I can only move forward and hope for prettier days ahead.**

A bit more Pretty is making its way back home♥

I've add some more lace. My Great Aunt Elsie's
Hot Chocolate Set is sitting on the Cabinet.

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  1. Hi Cindy. Those are candles?? Wow, definitely yummy looking! Hope you are well.

    Blessings... Polly

  2. What beautifully delicious candles!


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