Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Delightful Morning ♥

Well I woke this morning to find I had an absolutley delightful email waiting for me (best way to start the day).
It was from Joannie of "The Pebble Tree" she was dropping me a note to thank ME for....hang on, hears what she said herself;

Hello Cindy!
You are so kind, and you really do inspire me. I was so grateful for the wonderful exposé you wrote about my candles on your blog! I love your blog, it is refreshing to see the Internet being used in such a thoughtful way. 
I have officially begun my retail store planning! I begin construction on May 1, and I am so excited!! I will keep you posted, because I would love to sell some of your cards, if you would give me the honour! It is so nice talking with you, and I hope you had a fantastic birthday. 
Bye for now!

What a wonderful honour, 
I can't wait for her shop to open, such an exciting time for her.

As a long time resident of Victoria Harbour,
I am sure she will do well.
Not only does she create wonderful masterpiece candles she is a delightful women to talk with, full of life, sparkle and personality.....

Be watching Victoria Harbour for her Grand Opening!!!

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