Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Artists Playroom challenge #3

 Challenge #3 from Artists Playroom

The task was to create using our surroundings which inspired us.
Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2012
As I read the challenge I thought, now what inspires me????

And without sounding like a "teacher pet" at Just Add Water Silly, is what is inspiring me right now.

I sit at my desk and I now have so many things to create.

Funny thing with the picture.....where you see the "INSERT" blank blank blank..... try as I could, do you think I could draw a stupid rectangle crate, or draw my cat....things normally I could draw, just not this day.....
soooooo I decided to use my artistic licence and insert them as a label....
I also thought..... it's my inspirational picture and if I want my laptop green and blue then I can paint it green and blue.....I would of preferred to paint it pink but then my secret keyboard keys wouldn't show up..... LOL...lame eh?

Well I hope your week, your day, your next hour holds you captive with inspiration....


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  1. Great piece--she is all our inspirations!

  2. Hiya Cindy - like you I have to check out my namesake's!! I don't think anthing in my surroundings is inspiring me at the moment. Thanks for stopping by to see me at WOYWW Cindy #67

  3. now, see this is just the cutest thing ever! Why didn't I think of drawing my desk?? Good idea! Now on my endless list to do. Seriously ENDLESS. I LOVE the lebels, "add this here", lol made me laugh. Good idea, very creative. Can't wait to see your submission next week, I have to wait DAYS!
    OH, I'll be hosting a challenge over at Inspiration Avenue starting monday if you want to play along there. (hint... think leafy). Hope to see you there!

  4. What a great idea!! Love the labels too. :) Found you through APR! Warmly, Tracy

  5. HAhaha, you are so creative. Love they way you tackled you desk. And the laptop - I want one. SO much more friendly than the traditional colors they sell us;-)


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