Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Foliage Challenge

So a challenge was offered over at Inspiration Avenue by Jennifer of Just Add Water, silly to create something that involves it sounds a little like something you might find in a Beauty Salon

but the challenge was for Greenery.... LOL

Perfect I thought, because I had an excuse now (like I need one) to finish my cream and sugar picture......LOL

I KNOW!!!  
Looks nothing like a cream and sugar set....sort of like my teacup -Rose- picture.
What can I say....I love doing roses, it has something to do with the pink and green as well I think.

Cottage Remnant Roses
I wonder what I will get when I try to paint a Tea Pot...LOL
Well be blessed, 
enjoy the "foliage"

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  1. Oh that's so delicate and pretty!

  2. OMG, cindy, this is wholly beautiful. You do make lovely roses. The greenery is splendorous. Thanks for participating.

    Well, I have a dilemma. I'm sorry to say I won't be able to pick your submission to my foliage challenge as my favorite piece. You see, I would have, so far it's totally my favorite out of all the submissions. But alas, I won't be choosing yours. BECAUSE MEMBERS CANNOT WIN ANY CHALLENGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Cindy, you're our newest member of Inspiration avenue! It was a unanimous yes. (I knew it would be, lol) I've volunteered to be your mentor and will be sending three emails with special links that you have to click to accept permissions to post etc for the backroom, the frontroom and the red carpet. I'll also send you an email with all the stuff you'll need to know and some suggestions on how to acclimate yourself. Other than that you just JUMP in with both feet!! You're in good company. This last 10 days we've coincidentally had two other applicants who qualified too so you won't be alone.

    Anyway, I'll send an email to you tonight if you don't get this in the next hour or so, gotta go make dinner!!
    Hugs to the new member!

  3. Love the soft, romantic look of roses in pink and green. You did a beautiful job with this challenge.

  4. This is so pretty-soft and dainty. Congratulations on joining the group!

  5. You make the most beautiful roses. Were it not for the added foliage, these could stand on their own. I love them. And congrats on becoming a new IA member.


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