Monday, April 16, 2012

Tea and a Good Word Challenge

Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2012
Inspired by Words.
as well
 Coffee or Tea 

When I read Jenn's Challenge at APR I totally new what I was going to add.  I created the above teapot many years was one of the first things I think I ever painted, I was so shocked when it turned out.
I have been a "Tea Totter" all my life, I have tried Coffee twice. . . . yuk yuk both times.
I have collected teacups for the past. . . well. . .  forever it seems. . . . Tea cups with roses though of course.
I have loved Roses. . . . Pink Roses from as far back as I can remember, I think there was pink rose wall paper in one of my wee childhood bedrooms.(Thanks Mom♥)

Now when I read the Challenge by Diane at I.A. this week about words that inspire,
I wanted to be ever so intellectual and artsy sounding by quoting my favorite poet or author....but I don't have any. . . . I have never really paid attention to words. . . . ouch, did I just ostracize myself. . . . .LOL
I could of quoted any of the wonderful and meaningful scriptures I have highlighted in my bible. . . .but that just isn't me.

Nope, I'm not a word person . . . . 
I will quickly scan something, pick out the words that I THINK are IMPORTANT and carry on. . . . (explains the two part application form for I.A.)
Which is a little strange, because I really like to talk, and that involves A LOT OF words. . . . lol
(I probably won't even take the time to properly RE-READ this post)

Now when I saw I could use ONE WORD. . . . .Yahoo!!!!
I know the word, it's
say it with me now. . . . .

 Pink just absolutely delights my heart. . . .
I loved hanging my girls baby clothes on the line and looking at them. . . .
all little wee pink dresses and shirts and socks. . . .

I get so inspired when I see Pink anything, even my pink clothes pegs. . . .
If I see Pink flowers, that's it. . . .I'm off to my paper and paints in my imagination.

I love love Pink and I love love Roses and I love love Tea. . . . .Tetley Tea, Green Tea, Tetley Earl Grey Green Tea, Chai Tea, Iced Tea, Peppermint Tea. . . . .oh and I love to mix Tetleys Earl Grey Green Tea with Peppermint Tea !

Well have a Awesomely Great Week!
Find something that INSPIRES you and buy 10 50♥♥♥

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  1. Hi Cindy. Came from APR. I didn't realize the challenge so I'm so off base with my entry subject it is embarrassing. Oh well. I'd have tea with you anytime and I love your blog

    1. Let me know and I'll put the kettle on....:0)


  2. So glad to have fond a fellow tea lover through APR... don't understand the whole coffee thing myself, not when there are so many great teas to try and tea cups are my favourite things,and I have quite a few with roses on them... they just seem to go together don't they...xx

    1. I totally agree....Happy Tea Today!


  3. Hi Cindy! I Love your charming pink post!! I too am a "tea" girl and have a collection of cups, saucers & small tea pots... all of which are to be used not looked at. Your entry is totally delightful!! Thanks SO much for entering!! :D

  4. Love your gorgeous teapot and the pink, pink, pink of your post. I like it both ways myself - coffee and tea - I have too much of both every day, each with too many sugars but hey, you've gotta live.
    Von :)

  5. hahaha, vonny, I totally agree, too many sugars and coffee whitener (her comment was above mine, lol)

    Cindy, you know I'm a fan and that very cool teapot is da bomb! I'm always happy to see your delecate art. I love this, it looks like an expensive birthday card for someone like Tracy Fletcher King, one who loves tea just like you do. Thanks for entering!

    Your welcome to IA will be going up in a couple of days, now that Lou Anne's is up.

  6. Lovely piece, so pretty and sweet! <3

  7. Love the pink, I would like to add that rosy tea pot to my small collection of pots.


  8. That teapot (and the entire composition) rocks! (Uhhm, I am sure that word does not do justice to such a delicate piece, but it is just the word that came to mind first.) Being surrounded by 6 males in my house, I see little pink and usually are not drawn to it either, but this is gorgeous - and I am drawn in. Thanks for feeding the "neglected" color of my life:-)

  9. This tea pot and cup are very PINK. I can tell you like pink and those roses are absolutely adorable. Love it all. I'm here from IA, but plan to visit Jenn and join her challenge, too.

  10. I'm visiting from APR (and IA) and I'm with you on the coffee thing. Straight tea drinker here! I think your pink roses are pretty and so delicate looking. I never thought of mixing teas--running to the cupboard to see what I have to mix right now!

  11. Ha ha you and I are pretty much opposites then - two of my favourite things are words and strong coffee! ;)

    But maybe opposites attract because I think your piece is wonderful! Very delicately painted, and so romantic and pretty with the rose patterns!

  12. Hello there! Found you via IA. I confess, I am a coffee addict-- but I also love tea, and when I have to every so often soothe myself from being so highly active and paced in my life, I force myself to drink tea instead of coffee. I should perhaps drink it more (-: But Chammomile is one of my favorites to relax with, as is peppermint. And Chai is a good alternative to coffee (or any Ceylon black teas) for they help energize, and also are not as rough on your system. Tea-parties are actually some of my favorite things in the world, as I love the decor, the tablecloths, the kettles tea comes in, and of course, I like "Alice in Wonderland" very much, which features a great tea-party. I'd love to go to a tea-party of yours, particularly with tea coming out of such a wonderfully crafted kettle! The design of it layered like petals is beautiful. And I like how you can see the texture of the paper. Your aesthetic is delicate and beautiful, and makes me think of things like tea parties children's illustrations and Victoriana in general. Lovely submission and thanks for sharing! <3 Donna


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