Wednesday, April 18, 2012



This is my boy Franklin. . .  and he is almost ALWAYS on my workspace, Wednesday and every other day that has a "D" in it. . .

 I almost hate to show what is on my Workspace, because my workspace is so ugly. . . uggg

But this is whats here. . . I have several projects on the go that NEED to get finished.
I get so side tracked sometimes. . . 

I am trying to put together a four part set that coordinates with my Rose Topiary. . .  Thanks Jenn for the suggestion♥
* * * * * * * 
I have a funny to share;
Do you see my reading painting glasses I placed on my desk???
They aren't that big are they? Not at all. . . 

every time I put them on I feel like I am putting these glasses on. . .  I feel so goofy. . .LOL

Have yourself a GREAT WEDNESDAY!!
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  1. Hmmm at least your desk is TIDY!! unlike mine!1 lol... loving the photos of your cat...mine doesn't go near my craft space...he can't get on it for all the 'stuff'!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Happy WOYWW

    Jackie x

  2. fabulous busy desk. Gorgeous cat!


  3. So funny. Love your pusscat, not sure about the specs though!! Happy woyww
    Hugs Joanne xx #15

  4. Haha, I'll bet you look very cute in your specs! Not at all like the little blondie in the pic :)

    I love Franklin ~ look how he is "guarding" your artwork!

  5. Uh huh...that's what my reading glasses make me feel like too! Your space is not ugly especially with those wonderful beginnings of your drawings. I hope we get to see the finished product! Happy WOYWW #122

  6. You have a fab desk! The pictures are looking fab. Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop! Zo xx 17

  7. How can your workspace be ugly when you have your beautiful boy Franklin on there!

    As for those little bells you heard when you visited my blog, they're a wind chime gadget (found at the bottom of my home page).
    Thanks for your lovely comment too.

    Sherry x
    WoYwW # 28

  8. Your desk is very tidy! What do you have up on your pegboard though? Just wondering because I have a pegboard on the wall in front of my desk, as well. Only you can barely see it, I have so much on it! :-)

  9. I love Franklin! Your desk is not ugly... it's a good space and you are using it well.
    Fun specs pc to!
    JoZarty x

  10. Love your artwork. Lol! at the specs. Franklyn certainly looks at home there - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  11. Hi Cindy!

    Franklin is SO handsome- his cute little face tugs on my heartstrings!
    Your workspace is not ugly, but honest- and I really like that. My space is a complete mess itself- un-cordinated and un-decorated, and very useful! Would I love it to be pretty? Of, course- but I'd rather spend my time being productive I suppose.

    1. I agree.....I'd rather buy watercolour paint, then a can of room paint....I can see my room all pretty and pink (when I close my eyes...LOL)

    2. Franklin is looking very pleased with himself!! Love seeing your WIPs.

  12. I love wee Franklyn he's Gorgeous...your worksapce is fab love it!!! Have a good week, Hugs May x x x No2

  13. Franklyn is gorgeous, if you ever get tired of him sitting on your work space ............ I think you have a lovely work space and liking your drawings. Anne #30

  14. Are you new to glasses then? I felt like that for quite a while when I first had reading glasses! I see no ugly at your place at all - the sketches are just wonderful!

    1. LOL. . . I turned 47 in the end of February, and since then all kinds of things are ceasing to work properly. . . . LOL
      I tell myself the "painting glasses" just make it easier, I'm o.k. without them. . . :0)

  15. Great art work and love those big funky glasses and don't worry yours are nothing like that! thanks for sharing

    Lisa #112

  16. Lovely artwork Cindy, and gorgeous Franklin - what a handsome boy he is! I'm afraid our 2 are banned from my ARTHaven because Beatrice is so destructive and chews everything, and pulls things out, being the nosiest kitty in the world. (Perhaps she ought to sign up for WOYWW...)

    He he he at the glasses!! Who cares if you look goofy - as long as your art doesn't!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and glad you like my latest zentangle.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #58

  17. Hey if I don't put my glasses on I can't see a b....dy thing and I am over the what I look like stage, it comes down to seeing or not. Love your fuzzy friend Franklin he is orange like my boy. Will show photo of him on mine one day. Love your drawings too.

    Eliza #103

  18. I love seeing an artists work space. Thanks for sharing. How fun it must be to have a furry assistant.

  19. 'Love seeing your work area and your WIP's look lovely. My cat also loves to jump up on my desk while I'm painting. I often lament the fact that I didn't do more artwork before I needed my "reading" glasses.

  20. Aw ~ LOL ~ Love seeing your 'reading glass' image ~ lovely WIPS ~ enjoy the weekend ~ thanks for sharing ~ namaste ^_^

  21. Franklin looks so sweet.
    I am your newest blog follower, too! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  22. Hello sweetie,
    thanks for the shout out, so glad to see you doing a series, they'll be brilliant as cards, is that your plan or are you doing the series for a little girl's bedroom? Either one or both would be spectacular!

    Love your cat on your workdesk wednesday, LOL. Now THAT's a nice thing to have on your desk instead of a mess!! Soft, furry and purring. yummy.

    Your meet & greet is up!! thought you'd want to know!
    Hugs to you my friend,

  23. I wish I had a Franklin, I love your sketchings and you're desk is very tidy, not ugly at all,

  24. I think your sketches look great!! As for those big big nerd glasses, they are sooo in style!!! The bigger the better right now!!!
    You are styling!! Happy ppf!!

    Hugs Giggles

  25. I think your work is so pretty! You have such a gift. Happy belated WOYWW #45

  26. your craft space looks fine to me
    love the funny pic
    playing catch up
    happy woyww
    kay #51

  27. What fun having Franklin for a snooperviser....hahah.... he's lovely...


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