Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clothes Line Police

Call the Clothes Line Police...
I did something yesterday that I don't think I've ever done before...
I left my sheets on the line over night...and it rained....AHHH
I do have a good reason though, really I do...

Yesterday could of been a very sad day for our family, I thought I was having to take our 11 year old husky to be put down... :0(

She woke up almost unable to walk and was extremely lethargic.... I was so afraid.
She went to her favorite spot, which happens to be dirt under a huge spruce tree (with sticky gum) and would not... could not move.....on top of it all if was very humid with temperatures reaching they said 30 degrees ( I think that is...lets see 30 x 3=90 +30 = 120 with the humid index though it was closer to 40) not a day you want your sick dog outside...

So I took her to the vet (both my girls came along, just in case)...but WHEW!!!!
She has calcium buildup in her disks which is pressing into her spinal cord and causing some nerve interference.....could be serious is unattended....permanent paralysis...but that the Good Lord we went in time and she is now on steroids.
She cannot use the stairs still- which is a real drag because you can't get in or out of the house without I have to lift her up and down....she is not impressed...but she is doing much better....

Cottage Remnant
So.... let the clothes line police come, I was emotionally very there....LOL

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  1. Cindy- she's such a beautiful dog! I am SO glad that she did not have to be put down. Oh, thank you God! I love huskies- I just think they are wonderful, though I've never had one- or any dog, yet. That's one of those things I'll probably do when the kids grow up and leave . . . and a sweet husky is at the top of my list!
    (my dad grew up with a husky and I think with all the good stories I heard I kinda fell in love without trying!)

  2. Cindy I think the C.L.P. would look the other way in this case as they are more concerned with people [dogs included] than old rules.
    Love from the C.L.P.

  3. Hi Cindy,

    Oh, I'm so glad that it was determined not to be serious. Two months ago I woke up to my Daisy dog completely paralyzed.... I did have to make that choice.

    When you help your girl get around put a towel around her chest or towards her hind legs and help her move around that way. It may not work right now but as she gains her mobility it'll be easier on her (and you).


  4. so glad your dog is fine... how distressing to see her unwell... I think it is easier to see my daughter unwell than my dog... not that I don't love the both,but the daughter can tell me what is wrong, and my fur baby can't ... so relieved for you and hopefully she will be back to taking stairs on her own... that looks like a lot of dig to carry... great illustration too, should have started with that i suppose... xx


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