Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Give Away

So I have been inspired by Jenn at A.P.R. to have myself a giveaway.
I would like to offer a
  "Name Game" Digital print.
It is a combination of watercolour, marker and Photoshop...I guess that's what is called a mixed media...LOL

Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2012
Your name and meaning would of course
replace this one....:0)
So if you would like to enter
ALL you have to do is 
POST a comment- 1 vote
If you would like to promote my giveaway (leave a second comment stating the fact)- 2nd vote.

The winner will receive a digital print (in a png. or jpg. form)
their name on it
the name of someone they'd like to give it to.

I have a resource pool of over 10,000 names so it is my HOPE that I can accommodate your name.

Giveaway will be open until..... hmmmm
First Day of Summer...yahoooooo!
June 20th. 11:59 my time ( I have no idea what that is...Eastern I believe......LOL)

Blessings to all
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  1. this is a great idea and put me down for an entry... give aways are such fun and I am sure this will be so popular as your work is so lovely... have a great day...xx

  2. Well, since I'm lucky enough to already have my name from YOU, my generous friend, I'll enter for my mom, Donna. She'd love one. I LOVE the taupe and daisies and her fave color is taupe! Please add my name to your giveaway sweetie. Thanks so much!

  3. This is really beautiful, I would really like to enter. My actual name is Yvonne but it sounds quite stuffy that's why I use Von.
    Love all the colours that you use.
    Von. (APR)

  4. What a fabulous idea of having a "give away"! Your work is so lovely, and i can personally attest to that being a recipient of your beautiful postcard from the IA swap! So please Cindy enter me in your give away... and just think, you wouldn't have to do any research, as my name is Diane! LOL :D
    Love! diane

  5. I'd love a chance, Cindy, for a beautiful name mixed media like yours. My name (Ellen) is boring and wouldn't want to see it on the wall. However, if I'm lucky to win one, I'd love one in the name of my granddaughter CHARLOTTE to use as a centerpiece in her scrapbook that I'll make for her ... eventually. She's 18 months old, so maybe by the time she's in college???

    Much love,

  6. Oooh! Great giveaway! I already have a beautiful piece of your work with my name (still searching for the perfect frame- hard when I have something specific in mind)but I would so love to be put in as an entry of behalf of my friend 'Melissa' who is just going through an awful mess right now. I think it would really bless her. Thanks for the chance~ :)


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