Thursday, May 24, 2012

Name Game.... A.P.R.

So here is my entry for A.P.R.'s
Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2012
Doesn't really look like a bookmark does it,
it's a tad stout....
I decided to give colouring with Photoshop a shot, I was having such fun creating the sketch that I forgot I was to make it long and narrow, not short and stout...Oh well...there are no REAL RULES are there....LOL

I started this adventure using "LINED" paper...whew! so glad to find out that I can write on lined paper and scan it in as "black and white" and presto lines....
Of course I couldn't paint or use markers it wouldn't scan through without lines.... so thats when I decided to try the Photoshop route.
ALOT more flippin work....dumb mouse wouldn't pay attention, and my laptop mouse was cat-napping....
But all in all, I am relatively satisfied.
I still prefer good ol' ink or paint.

I see that I have reverted somewhat back to my old boring lettering, I must watch for that....LOL
Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2012
Here is another one I tried this morning...

Have a Great Weekend!
Ta-Ta- for now!


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  1. It really looks wonderful, Cindy . . . of course, I admit I'm rather partial as that is my name. ;)
    And goodness, your lettering isn't a bit boring in my book!

  2. This is just the prettiest ever. And the definition of "Jennifer" is sweet too. You're GOOD on the computer, wow. I can't seem to figure out any of the online photoshop clones at all.
    Hugs my friend,

  3. That is so pretty and who says they have to be long and thin, I love it just like that. Well done colouring on the computer.

  4. Lovely! Totally Lovely! :) I agree with Vonny, "who says they have to be long and thin?" and mine are on the chubby side as well, & being chubby they could also be framed as miniature art!!
    Lovely work Cindy :)

  5. I think it's lovely, what rule says it has to be long and thin? You might start a new trend of short and stout book marks! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. Cindy I like a wider bookmark and think this is really really lovely.... your work is so delicate and neat... wish I could keep things looking this polished... awesome stuff...xx

  7. Your work is a delicate on Photoshop as by hand! And if only I had your penmanship... nothing boring in sight!

  8. Love your bookmark. I like that it is short and stout! Very pretty and springy! I love unique and different! Very nice job!

  9. Hello from the UK, and thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments on the Doodly Birds. They are fluffing up their feathers with pleasure.
    Both your blog banner and the bookmark you have created are beautiful, like your style.
    Kind regards


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