Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2nd. Experiment :0)

Homemade scented paper experiment...

Well, I was chatting with Jenn over at justaddwatersilly about her wonderful blackberry sketch.
She used a paper that had "decal' edges as she discovered.
That got me to thinking.... 
I have some small pieces of paper that I made a couple years ago, and the edges are "decal"
I wonder how well it holds up to watercolour and or markers.

Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2012
Well as you can see, it held up pretty good with the markers, too bad my blue was drying up as I was colouring...darn thing.
The watercolour, well..... not so much.

But I do love decal edges over crisp cut edges, I'm not sure why.
Probably the same reason I prefer a fuzzy edge to a hemmed edge...

Well blessings for today!
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  1. This is a great result... I love decal edges as well... they just look right.... as for fuzzy hems, buy there are a few of them in this house...xx

  2. Beautiful Cindy!! always love the torn (and "fuzzy") edges too, they are so much more interesting and homespun aren't they? :)
    Oh, i just noticed the beautiful grass/ribbon border around your daisy... great minds think alike! i just recently made personalized butterflies for family members with a border like that. Wonderful look if i do say so! :D
    hugs! XO diane :)


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