Tuesday, June 5, 2012


TaDa!!! :0)
Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2012
So here is my honest attempt at a "zentangle"
Jenn over at A.P.R. challenged us this week to create a 

I'm not too sure if this "technically" qualifies as a zentangle...apparently there is a "right"  way to do them....who knew...LOL

Mine of course is based around a flower; shocker right....LOL

Doing this challenge was a really good exercise for me, 
because I have discovered I'm not much on little details...

I haven't the patience for a lot of background or little extras....
which I need want to focus more on....
I need to s-l-o-w it down, go the little extra.

So great challenge this week Jenn
Fun and a lesson all in one.

Well lunch beckons me hither. 

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  1. Well, whether it be an "official" zentangle or not, it's great!!! Great job. I think they are perfect!


  2. Love them both ~ they remind me also of mandalas ~ very creative ~ thanks, ^_^

  3. I LOVE it! Funny how there is a right way and/or what to call them when you do such and such. I called mine a Tangled Doodle. Figured that covered it. *grins* I found the process addictive and relaxing. Warmly, Tracy

  4. I didn't even try to zentangle, just doodled and was happy with hat, at least you gave it a go!! love it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Lovely! Beautifully delicate as always!

  6. yours looks great and it is a whole process isn't it... who knew indeed... not going to tackle another one any time soon though... the pressure to be neat almost did my head in... wish i had seen yours as I would have left more white!!!

  7. I love your zentangle and YES it counts. I never listen to people who say I do stuff wrong, I do it my way so that's always right for me. Love your tangle.

  8. I just do my own thing too, didn't know there were zentangle rules. Your pic is fabulous, I went in close and had a good look and there is heaps of detail. The flowers are beautiful.

  9. For someone who says they aren't into details you certainly put a lot of details into this wonderful piece.


  10. Wow! You did a really beautiful job. So delicate and intricate. Although there is an accepted way to do an official Zentangle, when you take off on your own in your own style, they are even more beautiful!

  11. Hey it looks an amazing zentangle to me...but I'm a little confused as to what makes them technically right! I just like to do them my way...its called poetic licence ;D
    You've done a brilliant job.
    Thanks for sharing ~ Neesie

  12. There is a method we teach to create a Zentangle.... So that others can easily do this. Not all have the confidence to create art. Some people need direction and encouragement to get started. Art is art. You create what you want.
    A classic Zentangle (as we teach it) is defined as a 3 1/2" square abstract drawing using one or more "tangles" done in black ink and pencil on white paper.
    There are many folks creating similar things.... what we call a ZIA....Zentangle Inspired Art. They are all beautiful.

    That being said, your art is lovely. Enjoy creating! Best, Maria (


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